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Eberhart - Babette

Eberhart - Babette

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Varenummer: P407
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    The chair comes basically in 2 variations – black steel or brass. The brass edition has not been further surface treated. Because of this the brass chair will eventually become coated with verdigris and appear rough in its expression. The back and seat are made of solid oak – black stained oak or light oak. Furthermore it is possible to acquire the Babette chair with a padded seat. We introduce Babette with 2 variations of upholstered seats in both a rose version and a deep dark green. The padded seats are covered with high quality fabric from Kvadrat. The padded seats can be made according to your needs just like frame, back and seat can be combined according to your taste.

    About Babette

    Babette is the first dining chair presented by Eberhart Furniture. Babette is designed to fit the Hector dining table and thus completes the overall visual expression in the presentation of both chairs and tables. The legs of the Babette are shifted 90 degrees from a traditional chair base perspective, with 4 legs, usually placed side by side. With this detail, where we have implemented a forward-facing leg, it is easier to place Babette around a table without clash with other either table legs or legs from another chair. In addition, the forward-facing leg imparts a sculptural expression to the chair. Babette can easily stand by herself in an entrance hall or with a blanket in the reading corner of the living room just like she also fits other classic – or modern dining tables.

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